New Visitor’s Team

by Hwa Park

My name is Hwa Park and I am the ministry coordinator for the NVT Ministry (New Visitors Team). I’ve been part of this ministry for a very long time and although our practices and processes has evolved over the past 11 years the purpose of this ministry has pretty much remained the same. The primary purpose of this ministry is to welcome and orient first time visitors to LBC as well as to serve both members and nonmembers during Sunday worship. The NVT team perform the following functions:

  • We provide parking patrol and management services during Sunday worship and other LBC functions. There are designated parking spots for pastors, families with nursery aged children and new visitors.
  • Designated Sunday greeters that collect first time visitors information for personal follow up and invitation to LBC functions .
  • We provide security services during worship both inside and outside the Church.
  • New visitors orientation which occurs immediately after service. We go over our Church Informational Pamphlet which includes topics such as “Finding a good Church”, MVP of LBC, Pastors profile, various ministries at LBC, importance of membership and baptism and as well as the Gospel presentation.
  • Meet and Greet function for people that have been attending LBC. During this time the focus is on Church membership and baptism. This is a time of one on one interactions with our team members over a yummy pizza lunch. Pastors are encouraged to attend.
  • Personal follow-up and follow up letter for every new visitor that signs in on Sundays.

We always have a need for more people, so if you are a member and would like to join the team, please contact me at Communication within the team is the biggest challenge in our group as our team evolves over the years. Please pray that our team will serve with a heart that seeks to please God through our interactions with first time visitors.



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