Weekly Links (1/15/10)

by Stephen Rodgers

Well, it was hard to pare it down this week, but I think you’ll enjoy the following articles that survived the culling:

  • First up, the most significant news of the week had to be the massive earthquake in Haiti and the ensuing suffering and tragedy. Al Mohler has posted an article addressing the question (and some insensitive and bizarre comments) entitled “Does God Hate Haiti?” I highly recommend it to you. Also, Tim Challies reflects on the tragedy and fears that in our information-age, we will be informed and updated far more than we will be moved.
  • I can’t vouch for any of the other videos that this user posted, but I found this one entitled “I am a chair” to be rather thought-provoking, particularly in light of Christian love (not to mention obedience, and yes, they can be the same thing), necessitating evangelism.
  • Changing gears, on the topics of Christian ethics and modern culture, I found two articles on the Stand to Reason blog this week to be interesting and food for thought. Both deal with approaches to hot topics in light of Christian ethics. The first is on the subject of same-sex marriage, and the second deals with the issue of abortion.
  • Mark Driscoll wraps up his interview with RC Sproul, reflecting on his impact on a generation of Christians.
  • Kevin DeYoung asks the question “Why Are We So Offended All The Time?
  • In honor of Pastor Patrick coming up on his ordination, I thought that I would refer you (and him if he reads this) to an article on the 9Marks blog on the remarkable ordinariness of pastoral ministry.
  • And ending with a bang, I think you’ll agree that the author of this article nails it when he explores the theology of “The Smaller You Get, The Freer You’ll Be.”

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