Weekly Links (1/08/10)

by Stephen Rodgers

Alright, well this might be a little bit longer than usual, since a LOT happened this week. But here we go. First up, a small collection of articles with a New Year’s theme that were missed in the last update:

Alright, I think that takes care of that. So, moving on to the non-New Year’s themed articles of the week:

  • This might not be interesting to absolutely everyone, but over at Kevin DeYoung’s blog, he has a three-part series of posts on the topic of writing. You can find them here, here, and here. Which naturally begs the question of, “when do you have time to read?
  • In a similar vein, Dan Phillips over at PyroManiacs has a post entitled “Why I Believe In Blogging.”
  • Please understand that this is not an attempt to push a political agenda, but I couldn’t help but notice that amidst all the craziness this week in misrepresenting the Gospel, Ann Coulter got it right.
  • Considering that his book has had a major impact on our church, you might be interested to know that CJ Mahaney did a two-part interview with Ken Sande, which can be found here and here.
  • Mark Driscoll continues his interview of RC Sproul, asking him “How Has Your Wife Impacted You?” He seems to take the question quite literally.
  • Speaking of, over at the Mars Hill blog there’s a very thought-provoking article that challenges us to look at sinful addictions as worship disorders.
  • Over at the Desiring God blog, John Piper writes about The Strange Way God Arranges to Forgive.
  • And let’s wrap this up with a topic I’ve been thinking more about lately: missionaries. Over at his blog, David Doran has a great thought on Human Sympathy vs. Missionary Compassion. And back at the Gospel Coalition, there’s an article on 10 Ways to Encourage a Missionary.

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