Weekly Links – Christmas Edition (12/25/09)

by Stephen Rodgers

Merry Christmas Everyone! This week, since it is Christmas and all, I’m going to focus purely on a collection of Christmas links for you. I hope you enjoy them.

  • In an interesting bit of Christmas triva, RC Sproul writes about why Christians being upset at “Christmas” being written as “X-Mas” may have misplaced their anger. He then follows that up with a post underscoring Christ as Savior in understanding the glory of Christmas.
  • Frank Turk of TeamPyro fame has a rather penetrating post dealing with the subject of the wise men who came to worship Jesus. The parallels for our own lives are convicting to say the least. I would greatly encourage you to read what he’s written on the subject of coming to worship.
  • CJ Mahaney reminds us all that before we can rightly celebrate Christmas (as it was meant to be celebrated), we must first be disturbed by what it means.
  • Al Mohler writes to remind us that the Christmas story does not begin with the four gospels of the New Testament.
  • And finally, Kevin DeYoung writes what could be considered the unabridged version of Al Mohler’s post (see above), in attempting to tackle the Christmas story from beginning to end. And yes, I saved this one for last because it requires not one, not two, not three, but four parts to tell that story.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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