Weekly Links (12/18/09)

by Stephen Rodgers

Following the trend from last week, we’ve got fewer links than usual, which should give you time to really think about the ones we have. So without further ado, here we go:

  • Over at the A Different Story, there’s a great article on the dangers of anonymity in Christian community.
  • Mark Driscoll’s interview of RC Sproul continues; this week, he asks RC “How do you prepare yourself for ministry?” Find a pre-sem guy and ask him if he’s watched this yet; if he says no, you can give him a disapproving look. Really, you can, and you should.
  • Also on the Resurgence, there’s a great article entitled “Jesus is for Losers.” If you don’t think this applies to you, you may have missed the Gospel.
  • This one’s for Pastor John. Over at the Grateful to the Dead blog, there’s a great overview article on how Jonathan Edwards was kicked out of his own church. And before you ask, this is for PJ because he loves Edwards, NOT because we want him gone. Don’t even go there.
  • Some days you just need to get back to fundamentals. Over at the Straight Up blog, James MacDonald has an article on How to Benefit from the Bible.
  • For my more economically/mathematically/statistically/operationally-minded brothers and sisters, the Swerve blog has reposted a series of three articles that are great for starting to think about resource allocation in the church. Don’t be scared, they’re short, simple, and just designed to prompt thought. So hit up the introductory article, then check out the Cost vs. Excellence article, and finally read the Cost vs. Effectiveness article.
  • And last but not least, the Ligonier blog has a neat article reminding us that to be called to God is to be called to a struggle. Check it out and remind yourself what it means to struggle with God Biblically.

See you Sunday!

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