Bulletin Ministry

by Hansol An

Those bulletins come from somewhere…

Every week a dedicated team lays out, edits, prints, folds and assembles the Sunday Service Bulletins. For a long time the team was no more than four people, but as the church grew so did the need for a more extensive team. Now the team consists of Daniel Yee, Daniel Kim, Moon Choi, Courtney Chow, Yoonjee Kim, Angella An and Hansol An.

The pastoral staff sends out the information used to update the bulletin. Hansol and Angella format and lay it out in InDesign then send it to the rest of the team as a PDF file. On Sunday mornings the team arrives at 8am to produce the 250 copies needed for that morning’s service.

Typically there isn’t a lot of recognition but like any ministry in the church, that’s not what it’s about. The team is committed to help communicate what’s going on in the life of the church… quietly and consistently. Our hope is that this ministry assists the church body in furthering the kingdom work.



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