Video Ministry

by Steven Preslar

Over the past 10 years the video ministry has had the opportunity to video tape more events than I can count. There are literally boxes of video tapes that need to be converted to digital format and then cataloged and archived. Our goal is to be able to provide access to that video footage to our members in a timely fashion.

For the most part all the work for the video ministry is done behind the scenes. At the major events throughout the year you will see team members quietly manning the video cameras. The part you don’t see is the work done behind the scene by another one of the team members where the raw footage taken is then spliced together to produce a final product.

There are currently four members who serve in the ministry. We have two members dedicated to the capturing of footage (David Jung and Josh Shortman), one member, Byron Dang who is entirely dedicated to post production/editing, and another, Steven Preslar that is responsible for converting, archiving, and cataloguing.

Our hope is that we would all be faithful in using the time and talents that the LORD has given to us, to serve the body at Lighthouse Bible Church by preserving the memories and making them readily available to you, our members.

If you are interested in joining the video ministry, please speak with Steven Preslar.



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