Team Fellowship (AR09)

by David Jung

Fellowship: that was definitely the defining theme of this trip. Not only did we have great fellowship with the people of the Tucumán church and the translators, but also we as a team had great fellowship with one another, having the chance to build each other up and to get to know one another. We saw each other every single day, and the only time we didn’t see each other was when we split up to go to different neighborhoods. Under this very close proximity, we were able to get to know each other’s quirks, likes, dislikes, convictions, personalities, and characters.

There were many instances where I saw my teammates willing to serve one another. One of the examples is how Grace Wu and Cesar Vigil-Ruiz were our unofficial translators. We relied on the two of them to translate for us at the hotel, the first night at the church when the translators weren’t there, and at Buenos Aires where we had our debriefing. Another example is taking care of Pastor John and Angela’s two youngest daughters, Alyssa and Olivia. Many people on the team were willing to hang out with the two Kim kids so that Pastor John and Angela would be able to focus on doing their individual ministries on the trip. It was very encouraging to see people like Kim Phan and Keziah Kim being with Olivia whenever Olivia wanted to play. Overall, the relationships between the team members were good. There were minor problems here and there, but those were quickly resolved thanks to the reminder of our Peacemaker Pledge that Lighthouse Bible Church strongly upholds.



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