A Letter from Richard Dillard (AR09)

by Richard Dillard

I always insist that the Tucumán trip is the best translating trip of the year and strongly encourage all interested to try to go. A few things that greatly mark the difference between this trip and the rif-raf are:

1. LBC is selective in whom they bring. Many churches bring down a group of ten or so youth who think they are taking a free vacation. Many are not interested in doing ministry, and often the translators have to preach the gospel to some team members. The Lighthouse team comes prepared, they know what they believe, are secure in sharing the gospel (though some may be a little nervous, but the nerves go away after a day or so) and have clearly put a lot of effort into skits etc. to be able to effectively do ministry upon arrival in Argentina.

2. The communion/fellowship between LBC and IBM Tucumán is always a great blessing to behold, and though we translators are kind of on the ‘outside,’ we still are able to very much feel part of this fellowship. It’s always refreshing to be ministered to by some solid, reformed preaching and conversation. You guys treat the translators very nicely, and that makes us feel extremely appreciated.

Shout out to all my gringos!



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