A Letter From Pastor Jorge Ahualle (AR09)

by Pastor Jorge Ahualle

Each year welcoming the LBC group for the campaign has been a great experience and expectation, not only for me but also for my family and for IBM. But this year in particular was a great blessing and a wonderful gift from the Lord Jesus Christ for our lives because He gave us the privilege to have Pastor John with his family, having a wonderful time together that we very much enjoyed. As Pastor John says, “Mucho-Muy” and “Bonito.” Getting to know

Angela personally was very special. My wife Norma was very impacted by her testimony and Norma could see in Angela a great woman of God with a heart and disposition to do His will, something that only those who love His sovereign plan can experience.

Truly, getting to know such a beautiful family that honors God is not easy to find nowadays. Pastor John has this privilege and is the result of a dedication to form convictions in the life of his family, in obedience to the Bible.

We were able to work together visiting our contacts in the neighborhoods, and as I was able to see once again this year, like each year, the guidance of God in the campaign. There are people that are being visited and discipled and the Lord used them greatly for this purpose.

The time that IBM and LBC spent together has been a good method for creating a relationship of love and partnership. This has worked in encouraging and challenging many of our members to improve the quality of their Christian life. It makes me happy that you guys are continuing to keep in touch through the Internet, creating a greater friendship between the two churches.

One of the greatest suggestions was the one that Norma suggested to me: inviting the LBC group to our home for a time of sharing. I never thought that this would be such a blessing for our lives. At first it was hard for me to do this, I didn’t want to inconvenience my Lighthouse brothers and sisters, but I realized that it was a very good idea. I enjoyed it a lot.

One thing I always regret is not being able to talk and share with each team member in a dialogue. But with those I was able to talk to, and although I know it was very few, it was still special because I also learned from them seeing the love and sacrifice that they made to come to share with us and this humbles me a lot. I know that all the words I could write will never be enough to thank the amount of work you do for our lives and helping our ministry. But anyway, THANK YOU. I know that God will greatly reward all these examples of selfless love that you all have for us.

Thank you Eugene…Tucumán awaits you. IBM awaits you. You’re practically already Tucumano.

Thank you James…your testimony reminded me of my youth. Remain firm growing in the Lord.

Thank you David…for your words of encouragement that day at my home. It was very good to hear you share.

Thank you Chris…because despite the fact that Tucumán gives you allergies, you still came back. You’re brave.

Thank you Teddy…you’re a great servant. Norma says you’re very tender. I say, “Ok!”

Thank you Cesar…”take it easy, man.” You understand me, right???

Thank you Stephanie…you’re a gal with a very sensitive heart. You easily make me cry…

Thank you Naomi…in Tucumán we say, “You have batteries”…a lot of potential. Make the most out of it.

Thank you Keziah…it was your first experience with us. I hope that it was special, as it was for us.

Thank you Kim…for you too, your first time. I enjoyed sharing with you and Keziah at the park. My desire is always to be an encouragement and blessing. I hope I have done that in your life.

Thank you Grace (chinita)…for having your heart in Tucumán and for your love for us…and for the mosquitos.

Thank you Jenna…you are an example of service, love, and availability. The Lord has great things planned for you.

Thank you Kara…despite your young age, you have a heart for God and a desire to please Him and that is good for affecting and challenging others.

Thank you Alyssa…for coming to get to know us. We were eager to get to know you. I hope you liked Tucumán and I hope that you have great memories of us.

Thank you Olivia…Can I tell you a secret? I love you lotsssss. Well, now everyone already knows. You’re also a very enchanting little girl. I miss you and I hope to see you soon. Kisses, muah!!

Thank you John and Angela. You guys are a fantastic couple and you have a wonderful family. You are an example for our lives and the greatest part is that you are our “AMIGOS.” We love you lots. “Bonito.”

Thank you LBC for being able to enjoy each one of you all these years, for the fellowship in Christ that made getting to know each other possible and learning many things about your live.

A huge hug for everyone. Jorge, Norma y Josué…

Efesios 3:20-21



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