A Letter from Pablo Daut (AR09)

by Pablo Daut

Well, for me the Lighthouse’s mission trip was the best evangelistic campaign I’ve been to. One of the greatest things was the fact that you guys came not looking for “decisions” or “numbers,” but to encourage the local church. You guys came with the priority of being a blessing to the local church, and NOT to be able to have a nice “street-preaching/emotional video” to show when you return back to the U.S. Secondly, I felt really comfortable when I had to translate the sermons because I was sure you were preaching with a biblical gospel and not a man-centered gospel, as we often listen to here in Argentina.

I really want to thank the Lighthouse team because you were all a HUGE blessing for me. I love you guys.

All of you are very godly and all I can say is that I know that my God glorified His Name through this mission trip. May He continue to work for His own glory, now and forever.

Rom 11.36



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