Tia Han

by Jen Shin

What have you been doing since you moved back to San Jose?

I’ve been involved at my church up here. I work with the college and single girls Bible study and the church praise team. Home-wise – hanging out with my family a lot, especially my younger cousins. School-wise – Got a teaching credential and now I’m at business school at Santa Clara University. I’m still cracking corny jokes and bringing people to the dark side…of corny jokes.

Have you brought anyone to the dark side?

I have – two of my cousins, two more to go.

Anything else you’ve been up to?

Making excuses to go to San Diego.

What church are you involved at and how has it been there?

East Valley Church. I went back to the church I’ve been going to until I left for college. When I first got back, it was hard, because the church was going through a lot of changes and a difficult period. It’s better this second year around. It has more to do with my own heart rather than the church changing itself. I came in with the attitude of missing Lighthouse. But then, it’s been really good. This past year we’ve had a lot of personal difficulties that people went through. I think it really brought the church together.

What have you been studying with the college and singles girls during Bible study?

We’ve been going through Romans. We’re onto the last passage next week. A lot of the hermeneutics I’ve learned at LBC – I relayed that information to them. So we’ve been going through it like how flocks did Bible studies.

What has God been teaching you lately?

Always lessons on humility. That’s the foundation to everything. But branching from that, I’ve seen how wrong I’ve been viewing my sin. I didn’t see it as something that divided me from God and that it was against Him. There was a lot of self-righteousness. Also not returning evil for evil. It doesn’t have to be huge things – no one is coming after my life or trying to kill me. But in the little things, especially with family. Returning small grievances with grievances. Not to think those are my rights, but be loving in return. It’s a lot harder than it sounds in my head. Since coming home, God is a lot bigger than I thought He was. He’s not only in certain places or people. What I need in order to grow, He’s here too.

What are some of the challenges of being back at home?

Now that I’ve been home for awhile, it’s about not getting so comfortable. When I first moved home, I knew I was coming here as a servant, not as a normal family member where I think I have obligations. But now it takes more effort to stay alert, be awake, and not just grow comfortable. Another challenge is really applying the things that I know that are true, even when I don’t see it happening all the time, whether it’s me continually pursuing holiness or trusting God to transform me or other people. I think living in a family with a lot of unbelievers, they’re quick to say, “Oh that’s naive. Things aren’t that simple.” Just a lot of worldly wisdom that is true in the world but not true in the sense of what God is able to do in working in other people. Trusting that God can provide or change people.

What about the joys?

Seeing my grandpa come to know the Lord before he passed away. Seeing how God really did bring me home at an opportune time. My cousins are all at a certain age – all at different ages. Seeing how they have so many questions and are thinking more about God, even the youngest one. Seeing their hearts soften because of the gospel. Seeing prayers answered through my immediate family. The girls at church are growing and are hungry to know the Word and God and love and obey Him. Seeing God prove faithful to what He says in His Word. How God is sovereign in salvation, even with people who we thought would never be softened or have an interest or come to faith. He does what He says. That makes being up here more than worthwhile, even though I miss friends and church family down there. Seeing these things is so heartening.

Any prayer requests?

Always humility – a humble heart that deeply, truly loves Christ more than anything else. That I will obey, remember, and delight in Him in everything. For the salvation of my mom, brother, cousins, a lot of aunts and uncles. I’m praying for their salvation, that they would come to know Christ. That they wouldn’t just say they know God, but really love God. For the church up here – that we would continue to be firm in the truth and have love for each other and for those who would come into the church. For strong men and leaders in the church, especially for the college/singles ministry. There isn’t a whole lot of guys. Lastly, for uncertainty in where I’ll be, and what I’ll be doing in the next year and the year after. It’s always unsettling in some ways but trust God with it.


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