Marek and Pavla (CZ08)

by Sarah Hu

Meet Marek, Pavla and their rambunctious baby, Kuba, who never sleeps. They have been attending the church in Ostrava for 3 years. Although most of their communication with each other is accomplished by “what exactly do you mean” stares, here are some highlights of the interview.

How did you become a Christian?

Marek: I grew up in a Christian family so I had heard about God and Jesus when I was young. But when I was 17 or 18 years old I had to think these things out for myself. I knew that all that I had learned was true and important for my life so after I asked it someone could baptize me and asked Jesus to lead my life.

Pavla: I did not grow up in a Christian family. When I was at the university I met Marek. When a group of us were eating together I thought in the beginning Marek looked sick. It turned out later that he was praying. To be blunt, after I fell in love with Marek, he didn’t want me and I didn’t know why. Later he told me about God and what he believed in. After, he went to Scotland to pick strawberries for a year, I decided to a go to church—a different one than his because I wanted to be sure I was not doing this for him. There I learned about God and later about Christ, and I decided sometime after to become a Christian.

What have you learned about marriage?

Marek: I have leaned that there is a lot of compromise. Also when you live with someone you learn what will drive them crazy, but you have to be careful not to use those things because they will hurt the other person. In the beginning it was very difficult to live with each other—we argued a lot but with each month we got better.

Pavla: The first year was pretty difficult. I don’t know how we would have done it without God. I am always reminded of the verse [Ephesians 4:26] to not let the sun set while you are still angry.

As new parents, what have you learned about parenting?

Marek: It’s is a big responsibility to have a child. I have read some books, asked other men in the church what they would do in certain situations but mainly I ask God to teach me how to be a good father.

Pavla: Children are such a blessing but if you don’t have a good relationship in the beginning where you learn to compromise and work together it is very difficult. I feel that Marek and I have gotten stronger because you have to be willing to compromise even more and be more patient.

How would you describe Kuba in 3 words?

Pavla: Blessing, blessing, blessing.

Marek: God’s gift, responsibility, joy

How did you find this church and why did you decide to stay?

Pavla: We had heard good things about Meinolf and the church. When we went, we enjoyed the worship and felt it was the most similar to Marek’s old church, so we stayed.

Marek: Three years ago there were only 4 men at the church to preach and lead. I saw an opportunity to help serve since I knew Meinolf and Olesh (elder) were already so busy.

What is your favorite thing about church/church family?

Pavla: I love the sermons and also the closeness of the people—I can see that we are unified in Christ

Marek: I feel that the members at this church feel comfortable to worship God freely. There is also great friendship and encouragement from people in the church. It is a great thing that the church is growing but I do feel a little more fearful as I start to know less and less people. It’s hard to find out what people are genuinely thinking or how they are doing.

How have you seen yourselves grow spiritually in the past few years?

Pavla: It is hard to say because when I feel that I have grown in a certain area, I still see that there is still so much more to learn.

Marek: When I first went to the church I was given a lot of responsibility due to the lack of men. So I read many verses for guidance and I grew a lot. But because there are more men now it is more difficult to continue pushing myself. Meinolf tells us that after every service we should make a decision to make some change in my life and carry it out that week. Otherwise you will never change. I am trying to do that every Sunday although it is very challenging. The Thursday night Bible study has been a blessing. I realize this group has made me more sensitive to other people’s hardships.

Is there anything you would like to say to Lighthouse?

Marek: I would like to see some of the past years’ team members come back!



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