Monica Claudia Lizzarraga Interview (AR08)

by Susanna Chang

Monica Claudia Lizarraga is the wife of one of the leaders at Iglesia Biblica Misionera (IBM).

Tell me a bit about yourself and your family.

I was born and raised in Tucuman, and I have five sisters and one brother. My husband Julio and I are both 42 years old, and we have been married for the past 17 years and we have four children. They are Fabiana (23), Eliana (16), Ezekiel (14), and Florencia (12).

When did you become a believer?

I grew up going to various churches until the age of 12. I stopped attending church altogether from age 12 to 21, but when I saw one of my sisters attending youth group at a local Christian church, I wanted to go back to church. It was then when I examined my life and began to see a need for God. When I went out to the church, the pastor shared the gospel with me, and it was during that time that I became a believer.

What brought you to IBM and what caused you to stay?

My brother in law was in charge at the church during the first years, so that is why I initially started attending. The church was different from the previous churches that I had attended because they actually taught from the Bible, and they offered discipleship which was new to me. These components caused me to grow in my faith in and knowledge of the Lord.

How long have you been attending IBM?

I am 42 years old now, and I started attending at age 26, so that makes it…16 years!

What is your role in the church?

Currently, Norma and I are in charge of ministering to the women at the church, and we are reading about God’s holiness. My husband and I also do ministry in two of the barrios (neighborhoods) here in Tucuman.

What are you doing in each barrio?

I have been doing ministry in Juan Pablo for the past four years. Currently, I am discipling two women in that neighborhood, and we are studying and memorizing scripture. It has been a challenge as the people there have not been coming out consistently. We have also been running a kids’ program in the neighborhood of Toledo for the past four months. This is a more dangerous neighborhood, and it is difficult when I hear what the kids go through. I just want to rescue them and shelter them. It is our hope that through ministering to the children, we can evangelize to their parents.

What has God been teaching you?

I have been learning a lot personally! As I minister to the women, I am challenged to have a deeper relationship with God, and as I work with the kids, I see how God can do anything in the lives of these young children no matter how difficult their situation might be.

Okay, one last question! What do you like to do for fun?

I love taking individual walks with my children and finding out what their needs are. God puts it in my heart to make sure that they are doing spiritually well. We also talk about what they are learning about in their devotionals.

Do you have any prayer requests?

Yes, please pray for my family. We want to study at the Word of Life Bible Institute in Monte for a year, but in order for this to happen we need financial support for everyday living. Also, my husband Julio and children, Eliana and Ezekiel, have been going through several health issues, so pray for their health and wellness. Pray that God would prepare our hearts for whatever it is that we will go through.



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