Friday Night Light

by Moon Choi

Out of all the affinity groups at Lighthouse, the singles group known as Single Life is the largest. Friday Night Light is the name of the Friday night Bible study that they meet for weekly. The ministry is headed by Pastor John Kim, along with a group of devoted and loving staff who consist of singles themselves and a few married couples. Over the past year, they have gone over the book of Ecclesiastes and began Ruth before combining with Friday Night Searchlight, the collegian Bible study, for the summer. As a combined group, they are now reading Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands by Paul David Tripp.

The ministry began about a year and a half ago when flocks came to an end. The study through Ecclesiastes was one that was challenging, powerful and pertinent to their stage in life. There are also small groups following the message in which a group of men or women break off with a leader and are able to have fellowship, discussion, prayer, and accountability, as well as an opportunity to really delve into each others’ lives and to come alongside each other. Ted Su, a member of the staff and a small group leader, especially highlighted small groups as something that’s challenged him but has provided a great source of encouragement not just with leading the small group but seeing the members of it really rising up and taking the initiative in reaching out to each other. “But I know that it’s not me working in them, but God,” he said, noting that though he is on staff and a small group leader, it is not by his effort as a small group leader but through God’s sanctifying work that he has been so encouraged through small group. “It’s also been humbling,” Ted said about working closely and personally with Pastor John, something that he sees as a great opportunity to see a wiser and older man serving and being able to learn and reap from that.

Kevin and Mabel Tse are also serving on staff. What is unique about them is that they had been ministered to by this ministry before getting married recently. Transitioning from serving as singles then now as a married couple “feels like a continuation from before,” said Mabel. Granted, there are differences as they are now married but they are still learning the same lessons, namely they have to keep learning, even if it is tempting to say that it is something that has already been learned—Kevin pointed out how important it was to know that even if “you feel like you heard it before, you haven’t arrived. You need reminders and to be humble.” Mabel urged the singles to “maximize your time as singles because married life is great but it’s harder to do things with one-mindedness.”

Single Life also has many events sprinkled through the months. A few events have already happened in July. The singles and collegians were able to have a movie night, Day at the Bay, and an ice cream social. Here are some future events in which they hope you are able to participate in:

August 15 – 9:30 PM, BBQ night

August 22 – 9:30 PM, Outdoor movie night

September 12 – 9:30 PM, International dessert night

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