Chris and Nelly Chung

by Courtney Chow

How did you guys meet?

Chris: We met at church. She was a bit young at the time and I had to wait a couple years. I was a little bit impatient but God is gracious.

Nelly: We started talking and became friends. I was having difficult time (with other things) but being with him the first months was like an epiphany. Everything he said was so clear. He was so sound and mature and I was so lost in just trying to find my way, to determine what kind of Christian I wanted to be and be around. He was my backbone during that the time, He didn’t really make me happy and we argued a lot but he always tried to take care of me. He always tries to do the right thing, not just in a society moral kind of way but according to God’s word.

You guys have the coolest engagement story…

Nelly: I was just talking about the Loch Ness Monster because I was really into that and we were at a bookstore all about it in Scotland. I was just talking and he wasn’t really paying attention to me. He just said suddenly “Do you think I’m your best friend?” and I said “Of course”. Then he got down on one knee. But I think the coolest part was that Eugene (Park) and Albert and Sara (Lee) were on the tower of the castle above. I preferred that…because a lot of people contributed to the success of “us”. There were a lot of people who were a good influence, kept us on track and encouraged us when it was tough. I think being in a relationship when it’s just all about you two and you kind of shut yourself off is so hard.

What are some of the things you like to do together?

Chris: We’re low key people. If its just me. Nelly and Penny (our dog) going for a walk or hanging out at home together. Nelly’s been giving in a watching the Lakers with me more lately.

Nelly: With the whole dog thing, he has treated her far and above any expectations that I ever had. I’ve always thought a man that was good with dogs had a good heart.

Chris: We have a lot of couples time with Albert and Sara (Lee).

Nelly: That’s very important. It’s been good because they’re also very involved in ministry so its not like we have to challenge each other in that way but they keep us on track.

That’s cool to hear how you encourage each other in ministry. How has it been serving in LKC (Lighthouse Kids Club) together?

Nelly: The LKC opportunity opened up and that has really helped our marriage more because we are serving with each other in a real coordinator kind of way. We go back and forth with different ideas, talk about discipline issues and and talk about things that are going on.

What’s been some of the blessings in your marriage?

Chris: Nelly has been a blessing. Realizing what a great lady I married. She talks about her wife role but she’s been really modest because I think she’s doing a great job and she challenges herself in ways that I don’t. She really goes above and beyond what I expected.

Nelly: For me, he’s always right – there are very few times when he’s wrong. He’ll tell me something and I may protest it but eventually I realize he’s right. It’s a security but also not depending on him to have all the answers.

Are there any myths of being married that have been dispelled in the past year?

Chris: People always talk about honeymoon phase but I never felt a time when it ended – but some people may say we’re still in it.

Nelly: We’ve always been pretty real from the beginning. I’m not one to bottle up my feelings.

Chris: Which I appreciate. I don’t think things have changed too much. Maybe for a future anniversary we can talk about honeymoon phase.



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