Meal Ministry

By Moon Choi

What is it? The Meal Ministry is a way for the members of the church body to care for one of the most basic necessities: food. This ministry serves those who are unable or are limited in being able to care for this necessity for themselves of their family, be it from delivering a baby or a prolong illness.

How does it work? When a need is identified, an email is sent out, asking members if they, males and females alike, can sign up for a meal. The email provides information about which individual or family, how many times a week they need a meal, in what time frame they would like the meal dropped off, and if there are any dietary restrictions. People can sign up on the internet through a Google Calendar.

I don’t get the emails. Who do I contact? Mrs. Grace Lee

How can I help? As we know, there has been a LBC record-breaking baby boom this year. There is a need for people to help coordinate meals! Prerequisites include being diligent about emailing and a love for people, as one will need to be a communication liaison for those signing up for the meal ministry and the recipients.

Member testimonials Mrs. Grace Lee says, “It’s been a blessing to see people who are willing to give of their time and resources to minister to the physical needs of others… As the church has gotten bigger, it’s easier for people to just overlook the meal ministry emails and think that other people will step up to help, but that’s not always the case. … People don’t realize it until they themselves have been recipients of the ministry, but those who receive the meal ministry are truly blessed by it!”

Keziah Kim says, “I love food. I love people. When you put the two together, you get the meal ministry. … It is a blessing to have the resources and time to aid and encourage the church family during times of hardship, times of need, and/or times of transition. … I made this chicken thing… Though I went hoping to give encouragement, I received so much! … Romans 12:13 – Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality. Meal ministry is a very practical way of applying this, to share the love of Christ. Sign up today!”



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