Melanie Chen

by Melanie Chen

As I look back, it seems as if it were only yesterday that I was in high school. I am blown away that 4 years of college have come and gone, and that I am about to enter the working world. My college experience has been different from that of most other LBC collegians, but I see how God has grown me throughout my college career through it. I attended San Diego State University as a commuter student. Being a commuter made it difficult to get plugged into a fellowship, so during my first year, I struggled with consistently attending a church. With my lack of accountability I knew I wasn’t being challenged to grow so I began visiting churches. By the grace of God I somehow got in contact with one of my past youth counselors. This lovely lady happened to have just started attending Lighthouse Bible Church and invited me out to (what was back then) Flocks. Chi Flock is what initially captivated me and gave me a desire to continue attending LBC. My heart was touched at how seriously the Word of God was taken through the in-depth study and Biblical teaching. I also saw this in other aspects of LBC, such as its structure, leadership, and fellowship.

Initially, when I began attending Lighthouse, I definitely felt like a spiritual baby compared to the rest of the church body. God did place in my heart a desire to grow and be fed the pure milk of God’s word. Through attending Lighthouse, I have truly been blessed by the example of older women who have counseled and nurtured me to become more of a woman of God everyday. I have been so encouraged by my brothers and sisters and their willing hearts to serve one another, becoming slaves and submitting to the Word of God. Through their examples, I have learned about the severity of my sin and how much more I need to submit to God’s will. I thank my brothers and sisters for you all have been such an example and encouragement in my life.

I wouldn’t really say that I have a favorite restaurant, rather, I enjoy fellowshipping over the excitement of trying new foods all around San Diego. Some of my favorite places to go are Hash House A-Go-Go, Extraordinary Desserts, WhiskNLadle, Nordstroms Café, Lorna’s Kitchen, Champagne Bakery and Itrulli’s. I enjoy being anywhere as long as I’m in the presence of fellow brothers and sisters. A song that reflects these past four years for me is Michelle Tumes – Heaven’s Heart. Her music reminds me of the beauty of God and all that He has created for us. One verse that has particularly challenged me throughout college is Philippians 4:6. It is so easy to get caught up in college life with studying, exams, stress, and desiring to achieve high worldly goals. As it is easy to become consumed with stress, this verse is a reminder for me to keep my focus on Him and to trust in the Lord. It is always a challenge for me to consistently strive to do all things for the Lord, while having the right heart and mindset each and everyday.

To leave off on an encouraging note for those future collegians, I’d like to encourage you all to get plugged into a church early on. It is important to have the accountability to grow and keep your heart right throughout college. Being in a slightly different situation than other collegians, a commuter and attending SDSU, I challenge you to still take advantage of the fellowship time you have with other collegians. Despite the miner differences, we are all still a part of one body and are brothers and sisters in Christ. May I remind you to not look towards yourself, but to continue striving to glorify God and seek for opportunities to serve one another.



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