Keziah Kim

by Keziah Kim

The LORD’S lovingkindnesses indeed never cease, for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness. Lamentations 3:22-23

Looking back on four years, I praise God for His great wisdom and sovereignty in bringing me to San Diego. In His steadfast love, He knew, always knew and will always know, what is best for me. I came into college thinking that I knew what church was all about and that I had this Christian life down. I grew up in the church and I was a P.K. I read the Bible and earnestly desired to live it out. In the face of trials, I trusted God. I grew up going to AWANA and knew all the songs and memory verses. I did all the good little things a good little girl was supposed to do. Pretty good, wouldn’t you say? Sadly, I was so deceived for I lacked an understanding of the one truth that mattered: the Gospel message. Little did I know that I stood a guilty sinner before a holy and wrathful God. I failed to recognize that the bitterness, hatred, and wickedness stored up in my heart were a direct offense against Him. Yet, He is so gentle and ever so kind. In His great mercy, He saw me, a very lost sheep, and directed me to San Diego. Though it was my last choice, I was just glad to get away from the debilitating heat and boringness of Gilbert, Arizona, the hypocrisy and drama within the church, the broken family on the verge of another split, the crushed relationships, all of it. Then He brought along Jenie, a warm-hearted senior who invited me out to Lighthouse Bible Church. I never knew that such churches existed! The pastor taught the Word of God fiercely and boldly, and the church actually acted like a loving family. Somewhere along my first couple of quarters here, the pieces of the Good News slowly came together in my heart. I recognized the greatness of our God, the ugliness of my heart, the hope of Christ, and my need to repent. God saved a wretch like me!

God has made it clear to me that He is ever faithful and true. Especially in the beginning of college, He placed many trials in my way to test my faith. There were financial burdens that created uncertainty of staying in San Diego to finish school. There were family problems back at home. A close family member passed away. There was the uncertainty and confusion of reconciling with long lost family. Yet, God faithfully provided the hope of His Word and a loving church family that supported, encouraged, and walked alongside me during those times. He taught me not to be anxious, but to be prayerful in all things and to trust wholly in Him. I have learned so much through the teaching and guidance found through Lighthouse, and I praise God! Though I have a long way to go, by His grace, my love for Christ has grown tremendously and I hope to continue to say at the end of each and every day, “If ever I loved Thee, my Jesus ‘tis now.”

My prayer for the future is to have a teachable, moldable heart. I pray that I will be willing to be used in the way that seems best to Him to spread His glory. I pray to be a beautiful vessel until the day I die, for His name and His name alone.

Favorite place in SD: I used to love journaling, thinking, reading, etc. on warm spring days, with the sun rays piercing through the Eucalyptus branches at a place I would call “city on a hill” (aka the top of Peterson Hill). Hahaha.
Song that will define the era in 10 years: Great is Thy Faithfulness, My Jesus I Love Thee
Favorite verse: Romans 5:8; 1 John 4:19
Memory that stands out the most: The times spent laughing and or crying with our class
Advice for collegians: Your relationship with Christ must always be a priority. There are no excuses, for one makes time for the things that he/she values.



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