Jennifer Park

by Jennifer Park

These past four years of college have definitely been such a blessing from God. Looking back I can see the faithfulness and the sovereignty of God. It is amazing to see how God has placed so many people in my life who have helped me grow and continue to encourage me in so many different ways.

College was a totally new experience from me. It was the first time I was away from my parents (for an extensive period of time) and I didn’t know how to handle the “freedom” that came with it. In fact, I think I hated the responsibility that came with being a college student. I knew I had to find a church to attend but my shy personality kept me from going out and actively finding a good church. I would try to go home as often as possible and on the Sundays, that I couldn’t go home, I would go to a church that myhome church pastor recommended. But the problem was that I wasn’t growing and I wasn’t seeking to grow either. I obviously did not have my priorities straight. I feared man more than I feared God.

God, knowing my shy character, planted people in my life who have led me to Lighthouse and ultimately to Him. To a non-believer it might seem as if it was pure coincidence that I randomly met a girl in my Japanese discussion class who also just happened to go to CCM. But to me it really was the work of God that on that particular day that the two of us would be paired with each other. She eventually invited me out to CCM and on that night I somehow was able to join small group where I met girls who truly loved God and desired to honor Him. I don’t even know how and why I decided to stay at Lighthouse. But I am so glad that God brought me here and I have grown so much over the few years that I was able to stay at Lighthouse. I don’t think I can write all of what I have learned over the years but I feel like the reoccurring theme of my four years in college is learning to put all of my trust in God. Even when I was shaken to the core, God held me close. He taught me the importance of placing my trust in Him (Proverbs 3:5-6) and not to rely on myself or other people.

God has changed me slowly but surely and has shown me so much over the past few years. And when I fail, often, He shows me so much love and mercy. He never fails to encourage me and teach me, whether it may be through verses in the Bible that reassure me of His unchanging character or through fellowshipping with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I thank you all for your continual encouragement, prayer, continual accountability and especially setting great examples of what it is to be good sisters in Christ. I want to thank all those who have shown me patience and have shown me so much love! I truly thank God for leading me here to Lighthouse! All praise and glory be to Him!

Favorite place in SD: Anywhere where I can fellowship with fellow sisters and brothers in Christ!
Favorite Verse: Romans 8:38-39
Advice for collegians: As a student, to remember that even their studies should be for the glory of God but to never let studying be an excuse for keeping yourself from growing in Christ. Christ should be first and foremost in your life!



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