Cindy Tsau

by Cindy Tsau

Reflecting upon the past 4 years is an amazing testimony of God’s great and sovereign work in my life. Coming into college I was a very young Christian, saved during the end of high school. I recognized my sin and that I had been graciously given a perfect Savior who gives eternal life—but I did not know how to live in light of that. My freshman year was a prime example of this. Not being firmly grounded in the Word of God, I did not see the importance of fellowship, accountability, or even church. I joined a CCM small group, and through that, I was brought to Lighthouse Bible Church. While God was sovereign in placing me in a small group that sought to teach the disciplines of faith, and a church that sought to preach God’s truth, I was blinded so much by my own sins. I was comfortable; I already had friends, so why do I need to surround myself with Christians all the time? In a sense, I lived out my Christian life, merely by a checklist. Once my weekly list of “holy” things to do was marked, I was done. I saw my faith as something added on to me, when I really needed to see it as something that defined me.

God is so good though. He gave me a heart that desired to share His Gospel. I felt that time was more worthwhile spent building up relationships with people who did not know Christ. I constantly talked to my roommates about God. For one of their birthdays, I gave them a Bible, and I told them that they should read it sometime. during my freshman year, I learned the value of personal disciplines—spending time in God’s Word or in prayer.

Sophomore year, I learned the importance of fellowship and accountability. God revealed this to me through my high school friends. They always seemed to know the right things to say and the right things to do, but one day, my phone call ended with one of them telling me they were going to “take a break from God.” All I could think was what do you mean take a break? Soon after, I started doubting my own salvation, What if I’m just so good that I’m convincing myself of a lie? I needed accountability. Yes, my walk with God is between God and me, but how do I practice my knowledge and faith in God, if I don’t see that He’s placed people in my life to grow and challenge me? I was defiant and hostile towards fellowship because I thought if I am saved by faith alone, why do I need to do all this extra stuff? But did I value God’s Word? When God says in Hebrews 10:25 to not forsake the assembling together, did I take it seriously? If I love God so much, why am I not willing to make a public declaration? Why do I hesitate to share my testimony? Why do I not desire to be baptized? I realized that all of this was because I did not fear God, and I was justifying my sins so that I could stay in my comfort zone. It was my sophomore year that I became a member at Lighthouse and was baptized.

Junior and senior year, I learned (and am still learning) to trust in God’s good and perfect will. So many things in this world are distractions, whether it be school, career choice, relationships, or even ministry – and the reason I say this is because the moment that we lose focus on Christ, these blessings and challenges in life that He’s given lose their meaning and purpose. While I still don’t do any of these things perfectly, I can take comfort in a God that I can trust to grow and stretch me to be more like Him (James 1:3-4).

Favorite place in SD: Downtown San Diego. I love walking down the streets whether it be in Little Italy, Seaport Village, or the convention center.
Favorite Verse: Genesis 1 – Reveltation 22. I don’t have a favorite, but this is one that I like a lot: Philippians 1:27-30.
Memory that stands out the most: Late night talks about Christianity with my roommate Kira; getting baptized; campus EV; sleepovers; Mexian churros; LBC football.
Advice for collegians: Ask yourselves constantly whether or not you are doing it all for the glory of God.



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