Cathie Kim

by Cathie Kim

When I was a graduating senior in high school, I dreaded the thought of going to college, because I loved all the things I had at home: my family, friends, church. My freshman year alone was enough to humble me and show me that God always works for my best interest and for His greater glory. These past four years of college have been some of the sweetest years of my life, as I’ve grown out of a shallow understanding of God and His Word to see what it means to truly love Him and strive to honor Him in all things. Having been raised in a charismatic church, I initially struggled with the differences I saw at Lighthouse. I failed to see the importance of good doctrine, failed to see that loving God meant obeying Him in all things, and was so accustomed to letting my spiritual health be determined by how I felt. It took one summer at home to make me see how poor doctrine can and does infiltrate the hearts of men, causing them to take sin lightly and live life loosely. I realized that this kind of attitude toward God and life couldn’t be honoring to Him, no matter how sincere they might be. It was humbling to recognize that the foundation of my faith was very weak, and these past four years have been a continual tearing down of wrong beliefs and building up of right ones.

I thank God for bringing me to Lighthouse and keeping me here despite my doubts and rebellious heart. I am not only for the ministry of His Word, but also for the many examples I have had of men and women who genuinely love God and people. I’m particularly thankful for the older sisters who have invested in me throughout the past four years—women who have devoted time, prayer and love, that I might grow to imitate Christ and submit to His Lordship. When I look back on these past years, these women come to mind as tangible instruments of God in my sanctification.

It has always been during the most trying times that God has taught me the most. For all the times I prayed for growth in faith, love, and humility, I was discouraged to find that in times of trial, these were the very things I lacked. But I’ve come to see that this is His way of answering my prayers; He uses these trials for my gain that I might be set free from self and pride and seek my all in Him. It has been humbling to see how weak my faith is, how self-centered I am, and how much I am dictated by my feelings and circumstances, but I am all the more thankful that God is faithfully revealing these things to me, that I might grow up under His discipline to yield the “peaceful fruit of righteousness”. This is evidence of His love for me and the active work of the Holy Spirit in my life, and in these things I find hope and joy.

I look forward to His work in my life, pruning the things that don’t please Him and continuing to nurture the things that do. I look forward to joining the singles group and developing more relationships with sisters, through which we can build each other up. I know that a new stage of life will bring with it a new set of struggles and temptations, but I hope that I will persevere with a single-minded focus and whole-hearted conviction for the things of the Lord.

Favorite place in SD: I don’t think this is my favorite place in all of San Diego, but Croutons has definitely been the place of many good and encouraging talks. :]
What song will define this era for you: “You Are Good” by Nichole Nordeman
Favorite verse: Philippians 3:7-8
Memory of college stands out the most: There was one time during our junior year when our apartment-mates went home for the weekend. So Cindy and I raided their closets, jumped on their beds, and had an impromptu photo shoot.
Advice for collegians: Be humble, be teachable, and set a pattern in your lives of loving and serving God and people, always persevering in your pursuit of holiness and faithfulness, by the power of the Spirit within you.



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