Ben Lee

by Ben Lee

My college experience has truly been a time of trials and tribulations. It was difficult for me to gain a spiritually healthy perspective as to why I was being tested to such an extent, but I eventually learned to believe that God is sovereign and that He is good. Trusting God’s good nature is the only reason I persevered, and it is also the only reason why I’m here today.

Going into the specifics of everything that I’ve learned would take eternity for me to explain, so I will provide an abridged, yet encompassing version of my spiritual growth. I entered college as an unsatisfied, egocentric individual always arguing over petty matters and grouching about things that I didn’t have. I leave now realizing that my sins created a thick veil, stymieing my view of God’s blessings. I know now that I have loving parents who have financially bottlefed me for the past four years, that I have a Bible preaching church that loves to exhibit the gospel, that I have an arsenal of spiritual siblings who are willing to partake in this spiritual warfare, and best of all, that I have a covenant bond with God. My life is made and I thank God for everything.

Favorite place in SD: Main Gym
Song that will define the era in 10 years: Hope
Favorite verse: James 1:12 and Matthew 6:33
Memory that stands out the most: Skating around campus at 3am with Goldberg 4508. You boys know who you are
Advice for collegians: God disciplines His children for their betterment so believe God is good and He molds you int His liking for your good.



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