Alex Fok

by Alex Fok

If you would’ve asked me 4 years ago what I imagined my college experience to be like, it would’ve been pretty much the complete opposite of what has taken place these past 4 years—and I owe all my praise and thanks to God for that. Before coming to college I considered myself a Christian because I believed that there was a god, but I didn’t understand what being a Christian was. Hearing and understanding the gospel for the first time my freshmen year initiated a gradual process in which I began to build my relationship with God. The spiritual growth that I experienced during the critical times of my relationship was developed primarily by the teaching at Lighthouse which always taught me to point my eyes towards Christ. One of the hardest challenges being in college was applying this towards studying, and how I could study to the glory of God, and even to this day it is a still a struggle but as I’ve learned living the Christian life will always be a difficult path to walk. However, I’ve also learned from Lighthouse that you are not alone in this war; that you have a church filled with individuals that are willing to encourage you and keep you focused on Christ, which I am truly thankful for. I am thankful that God has blessed me with such an amazing church that has allowed me to take my Christian walk seriously.

As I leave Lighthouse I’m saddened that I have to leave the church that has given me an abundance of teaching throughout my Christian walk, yet I’m also excited to apply these things that I’ve learned throughout my 4 years here and use this knowledge to help encourage others at the church that I will be attending back at home. Hopefully I can obtain the teaching, fellowship, and encouragement that I have received at Lighthouse and continue growing in my relationship with the Lord. As I prepare for graduation, I’ve come to realize that I shouldn’t worry about what happens in my life but rather put my trust in the Lord and His sovereign plan that He has laid out for me. Hopefully, His plan will lead me back to Lighthouse, but as for now I know that I will be heading back home and that is about it.

Favorite place in SD: Geisel – that place is awesome
Song that will define the era in 10 years: How Deep the Fathers Love For Us
Favorite verse: Matthew 6:25-34
Memory that stands out the most: It went by too fast, it all seems like a blur but we’ll start with being EV’d to by Bach
Advice for collegians: Don’t break your leg your senior year, definitely not as a fun as it looks



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