Match Day Interview – Ted Su

by Moon Choi

Ted Su was in complete shock when he found out that he got admitted to Scripps Chula Vista. From a human perspective, it did not seem likely that he would get into such a competitive program but ended up giving all praise to God, saying, “… but I guess that’s why as Christians we are called to walk by faith, and not simply by our severely limited sight and reason.” He was the first to open his envelope in front of the other med school guys, Pastor John and Angela, and friends as they stood in a circle. Though he admitted to feeling pressured as the first one to reveal the location of his residency, he had gone into match day with a peace that came with the understanding that that the result was “simply a revealing of God’s sovereign will.” He pointed to applying for residency as yet another opportunity that God took to teach Ted more about Himself, as He had done when Ted was applying for college and to medical school. With having to endure more application processes than the average person would encounter, he said that he had been “growing in confidence in His sovereignty and learning to be content with whatever the result.” Ted referenced Philippians 4:6-7 when saying that he was at peace throughout the process by God’s grace.

What was initially shock soon gave way to praise and thanksgiving to God. Relief soon followed, with Ted knowing that he could finally make concrete plans and with the knowledge that he can continue to grow and serve at Lighthouse.

Ted ended with saying, “Thank you everyone at Lighthouse for your continued support and prayers. I look forward to continuing to labor with you for His kingdom here in San Diego, and wherever He might lead us.”



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