Match Day Interview – Jeff Lee

by Jen Shin

Soon after coming to Lighthouse Bible Church in 2006, Jeff plunged into the heart of the church family. Jocelyn came not too long after Jeff and they both started serving in various capacities and getting married during that time. You might remember seeing Jeff’s cheerful face waving you into the parking lot or both Jeff and Jocelyn serving as a part of the single staff as small group leaders. After having taken a year off of medical school to invest in the church body and in their new marriage, this year Jeff and Jocelyn had to face the big event that all med students eventually have to face: Match Day!

The Beacon was able to catch up to Jeff and Jocelyn while they were on their vacation in Paris before their baby arrives! They were kind enough to give their brief thoughts on Match Day while relaxing in Europe.

How did you feel throughout the process?

Actually, Jocelyn and I were at peace with wherever we would end up, because we trusted in God’s sovereignty throughout the entire process. We knew that if we matched somewhere other than San Diego that it was for a good purpose.

Where will you be next year?

UCSD Internal Medicine

What was your reaction?

We were really happy that we matched in San Diego, because we definitely didn’t expect it.

What are some things you learned throughout the process?

I learned that worrying about where I would end up was wasting my time, because God knew and had a perfect place for Jocelyn and I. I also learned to be more thankful for God’s provision and LBC.

What were some challenges/blessings that you faced?

On the day that I was supposed to submit my rank list, I procrastinated to the very last second and realized that my rank list was not submitted in time. I tried calling the company to explain that I accidentally missed the deadline but they were closed that night. However, the next morning I was able to reach someone who graciously said they would process my rank list.

How were things different because you are married from the other med students?

I had to consider the interests of my wife as well as places where we could raise a family. We also applied to places where we knew of good churches like LBC, but of course, nothing beats Lighthouse!

Any prayer requests?

That we would remain thankful for allowing us to stay in San Diego and that we would continue to trust in Him during these challenging years of residency.



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