Match Day Interview – Alex Ko

by Moon Choi

Before Alex found out that he was going to be an internal medicine intern “cheerfully working at the luxurious Scripps Green Hospital” in La Jolla, he admitted to being more nervous that he had hoped to be because he did not want to his friends and family to feel disappointed “by this tangible manifestation of God’s glorious sovereignty over my life.” Though he ranked all of the residency programs for San Diego at the top of his list, he had come to accept months ago that he could end up somewhere other than San Diego. God had sovereignly led him to San Diego for medical school and landed him at Lighthouse; Alex knew that God would continue to be faithful, wherever he went.

Alex was one of the last guys to open his envelope. He had expected to be elated but rather, when he read “San Diego, CA,” he felt oddly subdued. Since he had already excepted that he may be going somewhere else for his residency, he had somewhat convinced himself that it would be good and likely for him to go elsewhere, “braving the crazy world outside, meeting exotic new people, living in yet another bachelor mega-pad.” The feeling of disappointment at missing out on an opportunity for another great adventure did not last long. Alex said that it was foolish thinking and that “I am 110% thrilled to stay” as Lighthouse is his “home away from heaven.”

Alex asks if we could pray that he would be a bold witness to patients and coworkers and that God would continue to replace his fear of man with “the overwhelming desire to magnify His worth in all circumstances without compromise.” He also asks us to keep him accountable to not settling for spiritual complacency as the demands of his career increase. He also add d, “Thanks! I look forward to finally answering your medical questions (give me a couple years).”



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