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Match Day Interview – Andrew Ho

by Jen Shin

How were you feeling prior to Match Day?

We were more excited, that it was finally happening, so we’d know where to go. We were praying that we would stay but at the same time, we knew there was a chance of going to LA because I put it as my second choice. We just prayed that God would be sovereign and that we’d trust in wherever we ended up. The day of, I guess the same. Things were crazy during that time. We just had Ethan at the time, too. We were excited.

What was your reaction when you opened the envelope?

I was happy and I think Tiff was ok. We weren’t so excited but we were still excited to be able to go back to LA. We knew that if we were to go back to LA, we could still go back to Grace [Community Church] or IBC. And all our college friends are still in LA. We were sad that we weren’t all staying. If we wanted to stay, we could’ve put San Diego programs as two and three. But we prayed about it and felt like Cedars [UCLA] would be a good fit for us…to be back in LA…and it’s good for fellowship placement for gastroenterology, which I’m thinking about doing.

Sorry, for what?

For gastroenterology. GI. It’s three years of internal medicine and then three years of fellowship. We love Lighthouse, but at the same time, we’re excited to try either IBC or Grace. We thought there was no church better than Grace Church coming out from college. And then we came to Lighthouse… and we love Lighthouse. Eventually we want to come back. Before med school, these days would’ve been bigger for me. But now it’s like, God’s just going to bring us wherever. We’re going to have days like these, special days. Like when Ethan was born, that was a special day. Now it’s like ok, wherever you want us to go. We don’t want being a doctor or being part of a doctor’s family to define us. It’s just another part of a job.

Anything else you want to say to the church family?

[Sees Pastor John walking by] Thank you, Pastor John. [laughs]. Well, we just want to praise God for the past five years we’ve been here. We’ve really grown to love the church. We learned the importance of the church and membership. We’ve enjoyed being in fellowship, serving with everyone. And we’re excited to see what the church will look like in three to six years. The Ho Family will be moving the first week of June. Let’s use the time that we have with them to encourage them.


Match Day Interview – Alex Ko

by Moon Choi

Before Alex found out that he was going to be an internal medicine intern “cheerfully working at the luxurious Scripps Green Hospital” in La Jolla, he admitted to being more nervous that he had hoped to be because he did not want to his friends and family to feel disappointed “by this tangible manifestation of God’s glorious sovereignty over my life.” Though he ranked all of the residency programs for San Diego at the top of his list, he had come to accept months ago that he could end up somewhere other than San Diego. God had sovereignly led him to San Diego for medical school and landed him at Lighthouse; Alex knew that God would continue to be faithful, wherever he went.

Alex was one of the last guys to open his envelope. He had expected to be elated but rather, when he read “San Diego, CA,” he felt oddly subdued. Since he had already excepted that he may be going somewhere else for his residency, he had somewhat convinced himself that it would be good and likely for him to go elsewhere, “braving the crazy world outside, meeting exotic new people, living in yet another bachelor mega-pad.” The feeling of disappointment at missing out on an opportunity for another great adventure did not last long. Alex said that it was foolish thinking and that “I am 110% thrilled to stay” as Lighthouse is his “home away from heaven.”

Alex asks if we could pray that he would be a bold witness to patients and coworkers and that God would continue to replace his fear of man with “the overwhelming desire to magnify His worth in all circumstances without compromise.” He also asks us to keep him accountable to not settling for spiritual complacency as the demands of his career increase. He also add d, “Thanks! I look forward to finally answering your medical questions (give me a couple years).”

Match Day Interview – Ted Su

by Moon Choi

Ted Su was in complete shock when he found out that he got admitted to Scripps Chula Vista. From a human perspective, it did not seem likely that he would get into such a competitive program but ended up giving all praise to God, saying, “… but I guess that’s why as Christians we are called to walk by faith, and not simply by our severely limited sight and reason.” He was the first to open his envelope in front of the other med school guys, Pastor John and Angela, and friends as they stood in a circle. Though he admitted to feeling pressured as the first one to reveal the location of his residency, he had gone into match day with a peace that came with the understanding that that the result was “simply a revealing of God’s sovereign will.” He pointed to applying for residency as yet another opportunity that God took to teach Ted more about Himself, as He had done when Ted was applying for college and to medical school. With having to endure more application processes than the average person would encounter, he said that he had been “growing in confidence in His sovereignty and learning to be content with whatever the result.” Ted referenced Philippians 4:6-7 when saying that he was at peace throughout the process by God’s grace.

What was initially shock soon gave way to praise and thanksgiving to God. Relief soon followed, with Ted knowing that he could finally make concrete plans and with the knowledge that he can continue to grow and serve at Lighthouse.

Ted ended with saying, “Thank you everyone at Lighthouse for your continued support and prayers. I look forward to continuing to labor with you for His kingdom here in San Diego, and wherever He might lead us.”

Match Day Interview – Kevin Tse

by Jen Shin

How were you feeling leading up to it?

I think once I decided to rank San Diego first, second, and third, I didn’t think about it too much, I wasn’t that worried, until about a week before and then Mabel reminded me that it was coming up in a week. I think that’s when I was thinking, “Ok, it’s important.” It dawned on me that we might be praying on our own but we haven’t been praying together. So the week leading up to it we prayed together. We tried to pray specifically and boldly. We prayed specifically for San Diego, being open to wherever God would take us to. I felt a conviction to be specific, knowing that God can do anything and so why not pray for the miraculous. So we prayed for the miraculous. And if it wasn’t going to happen that’s ok – we were ready to go. That put me at ease for that week. Right when we were about to open the envelopes, though, we were all a little hesitant. Because the longer we didn’t know, the longer we go to stay here. But eventually we opened it. Ted got all of them and gave it to each of us, we were sitting in a big circle. No one would go – no one would open it. We were one of the last to open it. I was last. That was a little scary. Pastor John was there, and we prayed before we opened [the envelopes].

What was your reaction when you found out you were staying?

Mabel and I were really happy, for a lot of reasons, mostly to stay near church. Also, her family’s here, her job’s here, our comfort zone is here. Again, we were ready to go somewhere else, if God wanted us to go somewhere else, not clinging onto our comfort zone, just knowing this is a place where we can be safe and learn and grow. Plus if I was a first year resident trying to get plugged into a church, it would be hard, attendance would be hard for me. It was good to stay in a place where we were already plugged in.

So, which hospital are you placed at?

Scripps Mercy, the one in Hillcrest across from the UCSD Hospital.

And you’re going into internal medicine?

It’s adult medicine – not pediatrics, not family medicine. Subspecialties are like cardiology, pulmonary, and GI. I’d like to thank the church, they were praying for us. Various ministries were praying for us. It’s a blessing to be with our church.

Match Day Interview – Jeff Lee

by Jen Shin

Soon after coming to Lighthouse Bible Church in 2006, Jeff plunged into the heart of the church family. Jocelyn came not too long after Jeff and they both started serving in various capacities and getting married during that time. You might remember seeing Jeff’s cheerful face waving you into the parking lot or both Jeff and Jocelyn serving as a part of the single staff as small group leaders. After having taken a year off of medical school to invest in the church body and in their new marriage, this year Jeff and Jocelyn had to face the big event that all med students eventually have to face: Match Day!

The Beacon was able to catch up to Jeff and Jocelyn while they were on their vacation in Paris before their baby arrives! They were kind enough to give their brief thoughts on Match Day while relaxing in Europe.

How did you feel throughout the process?

Actually, Jocelyn and I were at peace with wherever we would end up, because we trusted in God’s sovereignty throughout the entire process. We knew that if we matched somewhere other than San Diego that it was for a good purpose.

Where will you be next year?

UCSD Internal Medicine

What was your reaction?

We were really happy that we matched in San Diego, because we definitely didn’t expect it.

What are some things you learned throughout the process?

I learned that worrying about where I would end up was wasting my time, because God knew and had a perfect place for Jocelyn and I. I also learned to be more thankful for God’s provision and LBC.

What were some challenges/blessings that you faced?

On the day that I was supposed to submit my rank list, I procrastinated to the very last second and realized that my rank list was not submitted in time. I tried calling the company to explain that I accidentally missed the deadline but they were closed that night. However, the next morning I was able to reach someone who graciously said they would process my rank list.

How were things different because you are married from the other med students?

I had to consider the interests of my wife as well as places where we could raise a family. We also applied to places where we knew of good churches like LBC, but of course, nothing beats Lighthouse!

Any prayer requests?

That we would remain thankful for allowing us to stay in San Diego and that we would continue to trust in Him during these challenging years of residency.

Book Review: The Reason for God

Book by Tim Keller

Review by Tim Sohn

I first heard Tim Keller speak three years ago expounding on the Gospel to an audience of both believers and non-believers. Never had I heard someone masterfully preach about Jesus in a way that drew the non-believer in to see the beauty of God’s redemptive story, while at the same time challenging the believer to relinquish idols that are at the root of every sin. He repeatedly pointed his audience to the Gospel, drawing them out of themselves to sit in worship of Jesus’ work on the cross. Yet, he did this in an amazingly respectful way that was applicable to both skeptics and believers alike.

Keller’s recent book The Reason for God carries many of the same characteristics as his sermons; eloquent, respectful, thoughtful, and humble. This book comes at an appropriate time in response to some of the recent writings of new atheist authors such as Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Sam Harris. Keller starts by addressing seven of the most common objections to Christianity:

  • There Can’t Be Just One True Religion
  • How Could a Good God Allow Suffering?
  • Christianity Is a Straitjacket
  • The Church Is Responsible for So Much Injustice
  • How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell?
  • Science Has Disproved Christianity
  • You Can’t Take the Bible Literally

In the second half of the book, Keller takes an in depth look at seven reasons for Christianity. The uniqueness of The Reason for God is that many of the arguments made are applicable to our culture today. They are the same questions and objections that we hear at work over lunch, or in the classroom by our professors. The believer will be encouraged by this book as they will find that their faith is not blind, but is on that begs cerebral discourse.

New Building Dedication Service

Written by Grace Mao Wu

April 6, 2008 went down in Lighthouse history as we had the Building Dedication Service to thank God for His provision in moving into our new building, as well as reunite with members, new and old for a celebration of where God has directed Lighthouse in the past 9 years.

During the morning service, the Snider family joined Lighthouse for worship. It began with Pam Snider playing the piano, followed by Dr. Andy Snider and two of his daughters singing together. Dr. Andy Snider then preached a message called, “The Key Ingredients of the Gospel.”

That evening during the actual Building Dedication Service there were even more visitors. Pastor Chris Mueller, who spoke at Lighthouse’s inaugural service in 1999, was the special guest again to help Lighthouse usher in a new beginning. Pastor Mueller’s message was titled, “How to Pick a Church,” which explained how one can know that Christ and Christ alone is the head of a church. The evening was an encouragement to Lighthouse as it was an affirmation of our ministry, but also a reminder to not lose our focus as the church grows larger.


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