Carol Kim

by Grace Wu

With a population of 1,321,851,888, China is the most populous country in the world—as well as one that is most needy of the Gospel. With a Communist and officially atheist government, Christianity is state-controlled and limited in what it can express about the Gospel. Carol Kim, a member of LBC, is currently there for a two-year extended missions trip. The Beacon was able to contact her and hear about God’s work there.

Note: Because of censorship of the Chinese government, religious terminology needs to be cryptic.

What made you decide that China was the will of the Father [God]?

Father gave me a desire to serve Him overseas since freshman year in college. Wanting to make sure that He wanted me overseas, much prayer and counsel from His Word and many [godly] individuals took place. I did not have a particular place in mind; however, I wanted to head out to a country in the 10/40 window. That’s when Father led me to a contact who shared her heart for China. With more [prayer], everything worked out smoothly for me to join a team here. Therefore, I am here!

Is there a [church] Family there where you can meet with every week?

Father graciously provided a wonderful community here. We meet each Sunday but at different times each week due to security purposes. It has been great getting to know and learn from them as we all differ in our life stages as well as ministries.

What is the most encouraging thing that has happened?

Seeing the power of [prayer] as He has already brought two wandering sheep into His fold. It has been encouraging to see how Father is working in the hearts of people and the harvest that is ready to be reaped.

What has been the most difficult?

Personally, it’s the weather. It will start snowing soon. I am excited about the snow since I’ve never lived where it snows but I do not know how well I can adjust to the cold.

How much Mandarin Chinese do you know?

Yi Dian [a little bit]. Chinese is a very hard language to learn. It seems like it will take decades before I can master the language; nonetheless, I have been thoroughly enjoying the language study. Please [pray] for a rapid language acquisition.

How often can you come home to United States to visit LBC family and blood family?

It is advised that I do not go back to the States during my term if at all possible. Therefore, I do not have any plans to go back any time soon. However, any of you can come visit me and see how Father is working in this place. You can join me in furthering His kingdom.

Any close calls happen from sharing the truth?

I was recently called into the Vice Dean’s office because he had to share some rules with my classmate and me. He shared that China has freedom of religion just like America does but it is illegal to share in public. That meeting is nothing I am worried about but I need to be more careful as they are keeping a close watch on me.

How has your relationship with Father grown from this?

My relationship with the Father has grown in various ways since I have been here. He has given me a greater love for the people here and so I have been able to understand a bit more of His heart. Living here made it evident that I needed to depend more on the Father. As I relied more on His strength rather than my own, He has been carrying me through each day with joy. Due to my need of Him, meditation upon His Word has been sweeter. His Word has been sustaining me.



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