All Church Camp Recap

by Kevin Au

Several weekends ago, our church family had the wonderful opportunity to come together for LBC’s annual All-Church Camp, highlighted this year by the teaching of Dr. Andy Snider of The Master’s Seminary on the topic of Holy Affections.

A bitingly chilly, yet still warmly familiar Pine Valley welcomed LBC on Friday night as our church family arrived, many aptly donning the familiar gray Lighthouse sweatshirt from last year’s Family Camp. Though recently renamed, All-Church Camp was by no means anything less than a family event, but with about 200 attending, this marked the largest Family/All-church Camp to date.

Dr. Snider opened on Friday night with a message titled “Humility, the Forgotten Essential,” alternately titled, “The Glory of Christ in the Humility of His People.” This message served as the basis for the entire theme of the camp as Dr. Snider encouraged us to consider humility as the essential virtue, and caused many to reconsider their understanding of humility as the complete abandonment of self. Many were challenged that night. “It was tough to move on from that one,” said one convicted member. “While the other messages were still very good, that first one really did address issues in my heart that I spent the entire weekend trying to apply.”

It seemed that this was a shared sentiment, as many took time after the message to discuss with one another things that they learned from the message and share in fellowship. Interaction after messages, which spilled over into meal times and free times, helped our church grow together. The retreat provided an ideal setting to foster this kind of interaction in a growing church. It was a refreshing time to be able to spend away from the things that normally demand our attention, things that cause us to run from commitment to commitment, slowing us down in order to spend real time with our church family. As difficult as it is to get to know people only in passing on Sundays, this difficulty is compounded as our church continues to grow. All-Church camp serves as great opportunity to develop those relationships, especially for those newer to our church.

“It really did have a very ‘family’ sort of feel,” remarked one attendee. “After we’ve split into the different affinity groups, you don’t see as much interaction between groups, but it was good to see people talking, collegians with singles and married, new people with old people.”

Saturday was an eventful day, beginning for some with a short hike. The day continued with an encouraging message on the love of God and its implications for us, and a sobering message on the anger and wrath of God, sandwiching a Question and Answer session where Dr. Snider thoroughly answered questions posed by those present.

The night also included the highly anticipated All-Church Camp talent show, with various acts ranging from the musical talents of our children to the choreography of the single adults to the unconventional, yet always well-received magic acts of Min Kim and Eugene Yang. “It’s pretty amazing just how talented our church is,” noted one observer.

Sunday showcased several things we have come to expect as traditions of LBC All-Church Camps. A Sunday morning Bible quiz reminded us of specific points in the previous messages, after which Pastor John and the kids led us in a time of singing songs, complete with accompanying motions.

Dr. Snider wrapped up the camp with a message on the affection of joy, both discussing God’s delight and our appropriate response to Him in joy.

A miscue in the order of worship rather appropriately allowed us to punctuate Dr. Snider’s last sermon in a time of musical worship, singing praises to God, in whom our joy rests, and to whom our joy is expressed.

After lunch we said our goodbyes to Pine Valley and All Church Camp once again. Until next year.



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