Kent and Romi Hong

by Jennifer Shin

How did they meet?

Kent and Romi were first introduced to each other at a BBQ that a mutual friend (Kent’s co-worker at his previous company and a fellow member at the church Romi attended prior to coming to LBC) was hosting. Romi stated that she and Kent didn’t get to talk because the guys went outside to play poker while the ladies stayed inside the house.

Romi enjoys watching and playing tennis so Kent bought tickets to the Acura Classic Cup for the week after the BBQ and invited her to go with him. There, they were able to get to know each other. The two dated for about six months and were married another six months later on July 29, 2005.

Challenges as a Married Couple

Even during the few years that they’ve been married, both Kent and Romi agree that one of the challenges they constantly face is communication.

Another challenge that they face together is being purposeful in growing spiritually and taking concrete steps in respect to that.

“It goes beyond doing disciplines,” Kent said.

Blessings as a Married Couple

Kent replied that though he knew Romi to be a strong Christian, it’s been a blessing for him to watch her grow.

Romi said that it’s a blessing to have a partner who knows your flaws but still loves and accepts you. She said that it’s not about trying to change the other person. Rather, there is someone who is coaching and encouraging you. She said that it’s a blessing to be with each other. They pray that they can encourage and bless others at church and their family members, placing their focus on others and not on themselves.

Fun Facts

Quirks that they notice about each other:

Romi – Kent takes longer than her to get ready; spontaneous dancing and puts on dancing shows

Kent – Everything always has to be put in Ziplocs.

Favorite Foods

Romi – Seafood, Gummy Bears

Kent – PB on Toast, Ice Cream

Favorite Verses

Kent – 1 Corinthians 10:31

Romi – Philippians 3:8

One Word That Describes the Other Person

Kent about Romi – Giving

Romi about Kent – Trustworthy



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