Editor’s Note: September 2007

by Steven Hong

The days are getting shorter, as fall is just around the corner. For some, it means breaking out the new pens and binders for the brand new school year. For others, it means waking up a little earlier to cope with the back-to-school traffic on the way to work. Here at Lighthouse, the beginning of the new school year is always an exciting time, as we commonly welcome an influx of new visitors, many of them being bright-eyed freshmen. Let’s remember to be shining witnessees for Christ, considering how we may serve our brothers and sisters as they adjust to the “hardships” of San Diego.



The Beacon is the monthly newsletter for Lighthouse Bible Church in San Diego, California. It covers a variety of subjects including LBC events, church history, current events from a Christan perspective, ministry profiles, and messages from our pastors and elders. To join the Beacon ministry, please contact Stephen Rodgers.



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