Susan Hong

by Susan Hong

I still remember the first time I attended LBC. It was the last church on my list of churches to visit and I was praying earnestly that this church would be the one! It had been spiritually exhausting to be churchhopping and I longed for a church that I could become firmly rooted in. God did answer my prayer and I was able to stay and grow as a member. I found myself looking forward to every message and Bible study, and even when I left for a year to study abroad in Korea, I was still thinking of LBC, how I could apply the things I learned as a children’s staff teacher in my church in Korea, to a potential position as children’s staff at LBC.

I was also able to learn much through teaching the children’s ministry from the start of this school year. I truly respected the fact that LBC’s emphasis on the truthful presentation of God’s Word did not only apply to the adults of the congregation, but extended even to the children. Indeed, the future of the church was in good hands.

In terms of my spiritual growth, it is far too much to recount all in a single paragraph, but God has revealed Himself to be tremendously real in my life as He took me through the ruthless training of building up my character in the form of humility and love. Even today, I still struggle with the ability to extend the kind of love that God exhibits towards me, but with the assurance that God is indeed doing His good work in me, I put my character, no matter how debased it might be at present, in the hands of God, who alone has the power to change me into His image.

At this point of graduation, I am nervous and troubled by the uncertainty of all that is to come, but this stage seems to be yet another point of training as God teaches me to depend wholly on Him as He leads the way. Thank you for the members and staffs and pastors of LBC who have taught me and helped me and encouraged me more than can ever be expressed in gratitude.

Favorite Food: pizza, lasagna.

Who is your favorite Bible character: King David, hands down. Because his heart was so persistently focused wholly on God.

What is your most memorable moment in college: late night Cotixan’s runs.



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