Sarah Hu

by Sarah Hu

“Sarah, remember that God did not give you a spirit of timidity but of power, love and discipline.” That was the last thing my youth pastor told me the summer before I headed off to begin my freshmen year at UCSD. This reference to 2 Timothy 1:7 really struck a chord because I had always been categorized as “the shy one” or “the quiet one.” I was timid with my words and my actions, always being very cautious never to offend anyone or seem ignorant.

Freshman year started on the ultimate low. I lived off campus with two girls much older than I was. I rarely came into contact with freshmen outside of my classes, so I was left to check out churches and fellowships on my own. The first fellowship I checked out was AACF. I chose to stay there since checking out fellowships was too socially draining. The first quarter was extremely difficult. For days I would often go to class andcome back having not talked to anyone the entire time. Within AACF, I still had not found fellowship within the body, and because I did not know many people, I became inconsistent with church attendance. I was extremely frustrated. I couldn’t understand why God had called me to be at UCSD only to end up so miserable. By the end of fall quarter I had given up hope, becoming very introverted, hardly ever gaining the courage to go out to AACF or call for a ride to church. Very much in human form, realizing that I had nothing to hold on to or depend on, I turned to God. Even though my heart and my intentions for turning to Him were in desparation, God was ever so strong and gracious. The rest of the school year gradually got better. I was granted on campus housing for the quarter and pretty much began the entire college experience from that point. I admit that although I was getting more involved within AACF I was still struggling in finding a solid church where I could gain knowledge and cultivate my walk.

Near the end of my sophomore year my Bible study leader, Mel Cheng, invited me to check out Lighthouse Bible Church with her that Sunday. My first few months of coming out to Lighthouse that summer were pretty much cut and run. I timed it so I was just late enough to miss the awkward greeting times and run out as fast as I could after service. My introvertedness continued to hinder me from applying what I was being taught each Sunday. Once again God was gracious and continued to introduce loving people at Lighthouse into my life. So much so, that even during the very short times that I was there, I still felt the kindness and friendliness of church members. As time passed God began challenging me by reminding me of what my youth pastor had told me two years before. As I was growing in knowledge I could not hide behind my shell and still proclaim the Gospel to others. I realized that I could not sit back and always expect people to approach me all the time. God had given me His strength and His love so that I may use my time as a collegian to grow in Him, love others and prepare for a future that honors Him.

So many aspects of Lighthouse – the teaching, the people and the resulting actions of living Christcentered lives – have challenged me so much in the past two years. Being timid as a believer in Christ is NOT a quality that will bring much glory to God, encourage other members of the body or help me mature in the faith. Looking back at where I was, I’m so appreciative of the family that Lighthouse has provided through Flocks, small groups and now college life (thanks Peter and Jinny Lil, Eileen and Bev!!) and I am truly able to see the sovereignty of God in the past four years.

Favorite Food: Chipotle steak burrito bol with extra rice. Spicy too. Yum…

Favorite Verse: Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Christ is faithful to His divine character and will never stop being Lord and Savior to those who love him.

What is your most memorable moment in college: There have been lots of good moments – it’s too hard to choose. Sorry that’s not a juicy answer.

What will you miss most about college: Free time at random hours of the day

What do you look forward to the most about graduate life: Maybe joining the singles ministry.



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