Randy Tsuchiyama

by Randy Tsuchiyama

College has been the ultimate testament of God’s faithfulness and sovereignty. When I got here, I wasn’t a Christian. Sure, I did a lot of “Christian” things but my heart was so selfish while doing those things. I think one aspect of my college life that this affected was where I wanted to go to church. I visited Lighthouse a couple of times my freshman year. It was unlike any church that I had previously been to. I felt pretty bad after leaving service. My understanding of what church should be was that I would feel all warm and fuzzy inside. My selfish desire to have my ears tickled made me leave Lighthouse and look for a church that would. After this, I was saved. I understood that I stood condemned before a holy God because of my sinfulness. I repented and was saved sometime during my freshman year. I am so thankful for God’s sovereign plan in saving me when He did because I would have been like the one in Matthew 7:21-23.

God’s sovereignty was shown during my sophomore year when I began to look for a new church. Throughout freshman year, I was hopping around various churches and decided to settle on one that a lot of my friends were going to. However, I had a hard time worshipping there because of some doctrinal differences. I began to look for other churches. After hearing Pastor John come and speak at CCM, I began to question why I wasn’t at Lighthouse. After much prayer and talking to the leaders at the church I was going to, I decided to go back out to Lighthouse. This is when I really feel like my growth increased tremendously. I immediately fell in love with the church. The preaching was solid, the people were welcoming, and for the first time in my life, I really wanted to go to church. I quickly became a member and Lighthouse has become family. I love the church like I love my family. Lighthouse has helped me grow in my love for the Word. The Word of God is so precious to me now and because of that, I have grown in other areas as well. One lesson in particular that Lighthouse has taught me was through the Flock (Go Alpha) Bible Study of the “Sermon on the Mount”. One thing that really struck me was how drastically we need to deal with sin. That has really allowed me to deal seriously with the sins in my life that prevent me from constantly worshipping God. I really see the difference in terms of how much I have grown in Lighthouse and am so thankful for His faithfulness and sovereignty in all of this.

Favorite Food: Ribeye Steak from Donovan’s

Favorite Bible Character: Job, because the way that he views the things of this world, things that we define as comforts, in relation to God who blesses us with all those things and has the right to take them all away.

Most memorable moment in college: Being able to lead a small group and seeing how God grew them throughout the following year.

What I will miss most about college: The ability to hang out with people at random times.

What I look forward to the most about graduate life: Continuing to grow in spiritual maturity.



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