Nancy Tsay

by Nancy Tsay

There is absolutely nothing I could do or say to adequately express God’s goodness and faithfulness to me throughout these past four years. Although I entered college as a new believer and was externally passionate about the things of God, I was not diligent in studying His Word or growing in my faith. As a naïve freshman, I pursued selfglorification by trying to do well academically with the mindset that I would fail if I didn’t chase after a high-powered career. But in His great sovereignty and wisdom, my college life turned out to be quite the opposite, as God took me through several trials and tests of faith throughout college.

During my sophomore year, I was rushed to the hospital, where I was diagnosed with an afflicting illness and thus began many years of extensive treatment, coupled with regular commutes back home to visit a specialist. The Lord used this physical infirmity to really humble me and taught me one of the greatest lessons I have sealed tightly to my heart—I can do nothing on my own strength, but only by His grace and mighty hand. In my foolish pride, I shamefully lacked trust in God and often doubted His goodness throughout these difficult times. With the shocking news of a friend from high school committing suicide, the death of my aunt, incessant persecution from my apartment mates, the painful ending of friendships, unsympathetic professors and academic struggles from being absent for treatment—my unbelief increased. Despite how I blatantly ignored God’s constant care for me, He graciously guided me through these hardships and even revealed how much higher His ways are than mine through each trial. Through these experiences, His sovereignty became more real to me and I realized absolutely nothing is too big for such a mighty Savior!

Although I was unfaithful to Him in so many ways and allowed my unbelief to hinder my walk with Him many times, the Lord was so compassionate, kind, and patient with me. During my junior year of college, He graciously led me to LBC, where I became a member shortly thereafter. I am so grateful for the leadership’s serious commitment to God and the accurate teaching of His Word. I am also grateful for the accountability I have found in so many sisters! Throughout college, I never saw the importance of the local church and served very actively in numerous ministries in an on-campus fellowship. I focused too much on doing things for Him, instead of with Him (I pulled a “Martha”). Again, God showed me a different plan—once again, revealing His unchanging faithfulness! I eventually stepped down from serving there, which was a very difficult, but humbling decision.

Acknowledging that I am finite and still needed to become more immersed in His Word, I began meeting regularly with my small group leader, started accountability with different sisters, and constantly sought out the wise biblical counsel of many of the older married women. What a change from the girl who once thought she could do everything on her own, who had such a prideful attitude that she thought she was above the need for accountability, and who would have never imagined herself being involved in or loving a church so much! I have been greatly encouraged and blessed by the lives of all of you at Lighthouse and praise God that I have the great privilege of being able to call you all my family. You have taught me a lot and have helped to provide me with the accountability and encouragement I needed to even serve in a ministry, disciple others, seek accountability and be consistent in many areas of my life.

In retrospect, I praise God for how He used difficulties (which were blessings, too!) to strengthen my faith and to reveal His glory. I can now confidently say that I have assurance that our precious Lord never puts our good at the expense of His glory or the other way around—they are synonymous! After all, He who promised is faithful and I hold unswervingly to the hope that I profess in knowing this great truth. As Psalm 42 says, “Hope in the Lord!” Looking back, I can’t affirm enough how much He truly loves us. I am so happy to sing praises to Him and to say that He is my sole worth, my complete joy, my great hope. To this day, I often have to pinch myself because I am so overwhelmed that the God of the universe would care for me enough to be so intimately involved in every detail of my life, closing doors appropriately and constantly opening up new ones for me. Because of Him, I have a wonderful job right out of college, where I have a great opportunity to share the Gospel and serve others in a whole new capacity! I owe all my college years to God and I pray that all glory would be rightfully given to our Savior! Shine the light y’all!



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