Bach Nguyen

by Back Nguyen

Favorite Food: I love sushi, rare steak, beef ribs, pastrami burgers at Milton’s, fish sticks, corndogs, kalbi, soondooboo, dducbookee, sandwiches at The Cheese Shop, deep dish pizza, Vietnamese sandwiches, pho, har gow and shiu mai, tacos in Mexico, Costco free samples, hot wings, fried chicken, persimmons, almonds, apple juice, blue cheese, gummy bears, Cinnabon, French crepes, hashbrowns, eggs, peaches, crab legs, lobster, fried roc cod with sweet corn sauce, Sam Woo’s, and protein shakes.

Favorite Bible Character: My favorite bible character is Habakkuk. This short minor prophet book of three chapters describes the life of the prophet Habakkuk. The first chapter describes Habakkuk complaining to God as he questions God’s authority and sovereignty. He doubts the power of God as events surrounding his life seem to be unexplainable. This chapter continually reminds me of my life before surrendering to Christ and the first years of my immature Christian life. Much like Habakkuk, I found myself persistently complaining about various hardships and adversities in my life. I would doubt God’s sovereignty. I placed blame on God for the things that didn’t make sense to me, not believing or trusting in the plan that He would form in my life. Chapter Two describes God’s answer to Habakkuk. God presents His absolute sovereignty and brings the prophet into a humble submission to his god. Chapter Three is Habakkuk’s prayer to God. He confesses his weakness and his dependence on the Lord. He commits his life unto God regardless of any circumstance or scenario that might present itself troublesome. Despite times of trials and sufferings Habakkuk comes to the realization that all is nothingness when compared to the overwhelming faithfulness and sovereignty of God. Favorite verse: Habakkuk 3:17-19. It continually reminds me to place my hope in the faithfulness of God and take faith in His plan, His timing, and His design. He has planned my life before the foundations of the world so who am I to complain or protest when God has full sovereignty over my life.

Most Memorable Moment: My most memorable moment about college life has been the times with my class. I love the uniqueness of each person in my class that I have gotten the privilege to befriend. Such individuals include Randy’s infectious laughter, Jenn Lee’s continual vocalization, Ed Yip’s (and I use this term very loosely) humor, Ryan Chan’s faithfulness, Jen Shin’s unspoken service, and Mike Chung’s curly hair. We all met freshmen year in CCM and at Lighthouse and, over the course of the past four years, I can honestly say that I have grown a special bond with each one of these people. I have completely enjoyed all the times we’ve shared, even though the majority of those times seemed to be us arguing and fighting. Thanks for putting up with me. Keep loving me; I know it’s hard.

What Will You Miss Most: I will miss all the childish acts and immaturities that I got away with during my college years. I know it might surprise all of you but I did countless juvenile things over the course of my college life. From tearing off my shirt and sporting a Mexican wrestling match and running down the theatre halls during a showing of “Nacho Libre”, to eating a 17×17 burger at In’N’Out, I have enjoyed the various moments of craziness that college had to offer. However, it is time for me to grow up. It’s time to be a man.

What Are You Looking Forward To: I look forward to dominating singles group. Prepare yourselves for the chaos and commotion that will ensue the moment I enter into single life. I’m coming for you, Pastor John, and you can’t stop me.



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