Great Is Thy Faithfulness

by Moon Choi

Though I’m a newer member, my past year and a half with Lighthouse has been nothing short of amazing. When I learned that the church had started seven years ago with only a handful of people at its inaugural service on May 2, 1999, I was blown away by the fact that there were about two hundred and fifty regular attendees, with about a hundred of them being members. LBC’s eighth anniversary is rolling around and now we have just under three hundred people attending Sunday service regularly and about a hundred and eighty members. More are expected within the next year! God has blessed LBC tremendously.

Though I am still relatively new to this church and am just getting into the swing of things, I see the increasing dedication of the leadership and the members. I have never seen a church that cares so much for its members, whether it is the leadership praying individually for the members or the members being devoted to each other in true Romans 12:10 fashion. This is something that I not only observe but something that I have been a recipient of, challenging me to also devote myself to LBC and its members, pointing to our theme this year of building the body.

We have seen a few changes within the past year, with the most prominent one being the transition to two services to accomodate the increasing number of attendees. Lord willing, we will be moving into a new, larger building by September. Affinity groups are also back, taking the place of flocks, and are already well integrated into LBC. Into its eighth year, Lighthouse has made many changes to fit the needs of the members but, as always, has remained steadfast in its devotion to the Word.


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